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From Passion comes Creativity. From Creativity comes Self-Awareness, Collaboration, Integrity, Leadership.


Guido Piraino Media Online provides a landing page for a unique suite of content consumption opportunities in an environment that has a "little bit of something for everyone." You can enjoy one of my two podcasts that include "The Monthly Social", which is available wherever you get your podcasts, or "The Coach's Call" on YouTube. If you're in the mood for streaming music, check out The Path Radio as it plays around-the-clock hits. You can also take a quieter approach and spend some time reading a variety of articles that include sports, health, reviews, politics, environment, or look through some landscape and event photos. I also share some of my craft and music hobby content for fun. Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy the content.  

The Monthly Social is now on YouTube as select segments from have been video activated! Plus, check out The Coach's Call on YouTube too! I hope to have you as a regular subscriber! My goal is to make it fun, entertaining, and informative. Plus, it doesn't cost anything to subscribe to either show! Thanks for checking it all out!

The Monthly Social


"I've done thousands, (no joke) of live broadcasts, podcasts, webinars, radio, and I can count on 1 hand how many people are together as you are. SUPER GUIDO!" -- Super Julie Braun, Super Purposes
"I' am truly humbled by the depth of preparation you did you."-- Amy Scruggs, TV Host, Media Coach, Best-Selling Author, Recording Artist
"'re such a talented host/interviewer" -- Jolene Harnish, Country Music Star
"It also shows me how carefully you were listening... I'm not sure everyone would have picked up on it" -- Jess Milton, Producer The Vinyl Cafe

"I wanted to let you know that my mother... sent me an email saying that she is impressed with the interview. She mentioned your hosting approach, familiarity with the work of your guests, and the attention to detail."-- Alexandra Dotcheva, Author, Artist

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