Wings & Senators In A Wild Card Battle Worth Seeing Live
It will be interesting to see which of these two teams comes out ahead and if their head-to-head battle proves to be a playoff bound turning point!

The trade deadline is fast approaching on March 3 at 3 pm and the next couple of weeks are crucial for teams yet to determine if they’re buyers or sellers. The Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators are two teams who still haven’t decided which way they’ll go. Their decision may come down to a back-to-back set of games between them on February 27 and 28th, which are setting up for an epic two game series that is worth seeing in person if you can land some tickets in the right spot.  


The Standings

As of February 21, the Detroit Red Wings are 4 points out of a wild card spot with a record of 26 wins, 21 loses, and 8 overtime loses. They’ve played 55 games, which is five fewer than the New York Islanders and Florida Panthers who are sitting in the wild card spots. The Ottawa Senators are 6 points out of a wildcard spot with a record of 27 wins, 25 loses, and 4 overtime loses. They’ve played 56 games.


The Schedule

Over the course of the next week both the Wings and Senators will play four times, two of those being against each other in Ottawa, on consecutive days. One of those games is a make-up game from an earlier cancellation. From a rest perspective, they should both be going in on equal terms.


Tale of The Tape

As of February 21, both teams have scored 172 goals and have had 179 scored against them. They also have almost identical records over the last 10 games with the Wings going 7-3-0 and the Senators 7-2-1. While the Senators enjoy more wins, the Red Wings have fewer regulation losses. The Senators have the edge with their top 5 players having more point totals, but the Red Wings have more players with double-digit points with 16 to the Senators 12. These are two teams with very close stats that could be scrapping it out for one of those final spots and the games on February 27th and 28th should prove to be some great in-person hockey for either fan base.


Where To Sit?

One of my favourite places to watch the game is from the 200 level at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa because it gives you a decent view of the whole game at a reasonable cost. If you’re too close to the glass, you get some great personal moments in the immediate area of the ice, but you don’t get that whole game feeling. If you’re in the 300’s you’re too far away and you spend a lot of time checking video replays. I also like being close enough to one of the nets so I can either see some goal action or great goaltending a little closer. 


Section 206 Canadian Tire Centre


Section 206 has offered that perfect balance and if I can grab an aisle seat, it’s a bonus. The tickets in that section are currently sitting at very reasonable cost, around $110-130 per ticket, especially for a couple of games of that could determine what each team does come trade-day and their playoff hopes. This time of year, gives us some of the best pre-playoff hockey as contending teams go all-in. It will be interesting to see which of these two teams comes out ahead and if their head-to-head battle proves to be a playoff bound turning point!


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