Floundering Hot Dog Hall of Fame Offers No Value
Find out why you'll leave hungry, uncomfortable, and wondering where your money went at the Orlando Hot Dog Hall of Fame.


Each category is scored out of 5. All categories are averaged together for an overall score.

QUALITY............... .00

SERVICE............... .50

CLEANLINESS....... .50 


VALUE for $......... . 00

OVERALL.............. .30



At 2: 30 pm on a Saturday, City Walk's Hot Dog Hall of Fame ran out of some of their Hot Dog menu items, begging the question, were they popular items or was it just poor restaurant planning? Either way, this hot dog experience is one I want to forget and one that you'll never want to have. 

Today's order included: 1 foot long regular Hot Dog, a Chicago Hot Dog, and 4 regular size lemonade drinks.

The experience started with both Hot Dog orders not being fully cooked. The bread on both Hot Dog servings was dry (almost stale) and falling apart with each bite. The fries weren't much more than 10 strings with the Chicago Hot Dog and maybe 20 with the foot long Hot Dog. Overall, both Hot Dog dishes lacked any kind of special flavour, although the Chicago Hot Dog did have some colourful relish and other dressings that buried an already smallish looking dog.


Service wasn’t very informative, friendly, or helpful. When the server was asked where the rest of the Hot Dog was, he laughed, while sliding the loosely boxed lunch through the small service window. Despite our disappointment, there wasn't any additional help that demonstrated even a small inclining of a positive customer experience. 


In the outdoor seating area, the tables were dirty and not all of them had a shade option from the 36 Celsius (96F) degree sun that was beating down on us. The lack of trays to carry the food also meant having to go back and forth, which could have been more problematic if the place was busy. Without trays, there were also no napkins or extra condiments provided. The napkin dispenser yielded a small, thin napkin with each pull and condiments were hard to find.


Eating the food was equally as uncomfortable as ordering it, paying for it, and getting it to the table.


If you have a family, stay away from this place. You'll leave hungry, uncomfortable, and wondering where your money went. If you're Nathan's Famous Hotdogs (the company that makes the hotdogs), you should not have your products served here, they give your hotdogs a bad name.




City Walk, Universal Studios Orlando, Florida


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