28 August 2023
Krusty Burger, Springfield’s Bad Service & Food Perfection
By Guido | |
Krusty Burger & its Springfield friends are the perfect mix of great fast food, bad service that gives that authentic Springfield feeling, & fair pricing
Harry Potter’s Spellbinding Leaky Cauldron & 3 Broomsticks
By Guido | |
Here is why Harry Potter’s themed Leaky Cauldron & 3 Broomsticks restaurants at Universal Studios deliver an equally spellbinding movie experience.
Bubba Gump, More Than a Nostalgic Movie Shrimp Place
By Guido | |
With the service, food, and environment being top notch, the only other question is cost and value which must look at both food and drinks.
Barf Window & Wait at NBC Sports Grill & Brew
By Guido | |
A major production fail that includes barf on the window, crashing window blinds, an inability to clear tables, & 3 friendly confused waiters making it weird.
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