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Time To Burn It Down
By Guido | |
For the Canadiens, The Torch may have been passed from failing hands, but for now, unfortunately, to failing hands.
Carey Price Can’t Score
By Guido | |
The only thing the HABS had going for them was Carey Price and the transition pass up ice that died on the boards or was broken up by the Leafs.
In The Penalty Box
By Guido | |
On the perimeter a score like 5-1 suggests a dominant win, or that’s what the pendulum-fans will have you believe on social media. When you pick this game apart though, the score wasn’t reflective of all the micro moments that contributed to it.
Heart, Hits, Speed, & Neanderthalism
By Guido | |
A lot can happen in 60 minutes of hockey stretched over 3 hours and it certainly did in this game and it can go either way over the rest of the series, not just in wins, but also in decorum.
The Next Threat: Who Blames Who?
By Guido | |
The pandemic is a great modern example for how blame has become engrained in the fabric of our society as humanity emerges from possibly an even greater threat, which at its core is the self-consequence of blame – the compromising of responsibility.
Experience Over Youth
By Guido | |
If your boss gets you a box of tools and you don’t use it and fail, you’re going to have a different conversation than if you did use it and failed.
HABS vs LEAFS 2021: History Always Matters
By Guido | |
If I was going with overall talent consistency this season, I’d take the Leafs in 5. If I was going with passion and history (and yes, history matters), I’d take the Canadiens in 7.
The Missing Link
By Guido | |
The missing link, not the wrestler, but the magic that made me run from Church on Sunday, beating my parents who drove home, to catch the 1-hour Superstars of Wrestling
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