I give back to my organization, my colleagues, and my community; I lead with or without the "C" on my jersey.

- Guido

Guido's Professional Profile


When I was 15 years old, I told my parents I wanted to find a job. My mother said, "Once you start working, you'll never stop." She was right. Neither getting the job or her being right were bad things.

My first job was as a Runner & Maintenance for a women's fashion store. I cleaned windows, did bank runs on my 10-speed bike, and of course other duties. My first ever wage was for $2.50 an hour. The first two things I purchased were for my parents, which included a sweater for my mom at Christmas, from the store I worked at and a box of ice-cream for my dad.

From that moment forward, I have taken great pride in all of my work. 

Why is it important for me to start the story there? As I reflect back on my working roots, I could not categorize, name, or brand anything and everything I did, back then. Reflection yields to me that I've had these foundational building blocks to my professional DNA from a very early age:



Since 1996, I have been dedicated to the citizens of Ontario, focused on back-end technology service delivery and support. I have had the privilege of helping small field offices in Northern Ontario in the middle of a park and authoring government standards from downtown Toronto. My dedication has embraced a blended approach to ensure I could provide the best possible service that I would want to know as a citizen, that my public sector was providing. My journey has taken me through the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Health, the Ontario Corporate Chief Office, Treasury Board Secretariat, and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. I've made that journey through logging roads, side roads, town roads, city streets, and major highways, with my eyes wide open for appreciation of this great province and the people who live here.  Thank you. 


Some of the best life lessons that were learned from my "jobs" went on to influence and serve my career. I am thankful for the people who taught me those lessons, both from a position of strength and leadership as much as those from a position of insecurity and self-gratification. 

My "job" goal was to work in as many industries as possible to expand my knowledge, better understand people's actions, emotions, awareness, and ethics at all levels, and make a few dollars to enjoy music. My "career" goal has been to leave things better than what I have found them as a contributing and valued leader in wherever my passions take me.