My goal is to have a little bit of something for everyone. 

- Guido

The Go On with Guido Podcast

It's Not The Ref Podcast


I started the podcast in October 2020 as an alternative source of information for anyone who wanted to consume content that focused on leadership, career development, inclusion, diversity, and entertainment through the experiences of others, personal stories, and music, to help achieve self-growth. I fell in love with the idea of producing a show after years of listening to Stuart McLean's show, The Vinyl Cafe, going to his live shows, and meeting him in person. I strive to provide variety, value, and entertainment, while celebrating talent, as he always did.


My goal in every episode is to have diverse content that could provide a little bit of something for everyone. Maybe while you listen in on that sound-byte you came for, you'll also experience some of the other content which may expand your understanding of a topic you hadn't given much thought to before. 


I am truly grateful for anyone who decides to participate in my podcast. Each guest is given respect and a safe place to provide their experience with us. I strive to promote positive content even when the conversation is perhaps about a not so positive experience,  while we learn from our successes and failures as individuals, teams, friends, and family. I approach each conversation with personal interest.


The show does not currently have any paid sponsors; all expenses are personally incurred. You will however hear some advertisements between guest segments, which is part of a "Promote Canada" and "Promote Local Business" campaign I started in an effort to help honest people who make their living through the sale of products and services. I started this program during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to "give-back" to our community suppliers. 


My intention is to produce 1 episode per month and to do so as long as people continue to find value in the content and I continue to enjoy producing the show. I am not on any schedule other than the one driven by content and pure enjoyment.



Have a listen to any episode of "The Go On with Guido Podcast" right here through the web site!


If you're interested in being a future podcast guest, please contact me so we can discuss how your content can best be delivered for our audience. The best way to kick things is off is by sending me an e-mail and including:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information
  • Your Topic / Idea
  • Links to where I can find out more about you / background

If you're interested in being a musical guest or having one of your songs featured, please include all of the above information, plus I also as that:

  • Your song does not have any explicit content
  • You provide additional information about the song's background
  • You provide a quality .mp3 file for me to review and use
  • You provide logos and other media for consideration and inclusion

Send an e-mail to with your details.

The podcast is a non-profit production. There is no obligation to provide support in order to listen and enjoy. Any business advertisements or endorsements are provided as a courtesy in kind. Proceeds are used for ongoing maintenance and production.  


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