My goal is to have a little bit of "something for everyone" in the podcasts. 

- Guido

The Monthly Social Podcast

The Monthly Social, the show that has "a little bit of something for everyone",  is available at and wherever you get your podcasts. The contents may include music, artists, books, authors, instruction and advice, health, mental health, diversity, inclusion, politics, current events, technology, and other fun & entertaining content. I only do one per month by design as I focus on quality over quantity

The Monthly Social Podcast Catalogue & Episode References provides access to content, images, links, and more.

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The Coach's Call

The Coach's Call is a YouTube based podcast focused on sports content. The episodes are short and published without a set schedule. The topics and episodes are produced as sports topics or events occur.

While I host the show, there may be various guest appearances as well, including sports fans who have written in, commented, subscribed, or followed me on social media. The foundation of the show is to produce a fan-based product with additional intel on the any given sports topic.

The Coach's Call Archives & Episode References provides access to content, images, links, and more. (link coming soon)

The Path Radio Spotlight

The Path Radio Spotlight, is hosted on YouTube and is an all-music show that focuses on interviewing artists across all music genres. Their music can be heard on

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