When & How Leaders Lose Trust and Credibility
By Guido | |
"A written statement walking back the earlier comments just doesn’t have the same impact as a live announcement. "
Making New Year Resolutions More Achievable
By Guido | |
"Why do we even make resolutions, and can we stick with them?"
5 Signs of A Bad Facebook Friend
By Guido | |
"The reality is that if you’re engaging in any of these behaviours, there are a lot of questions you ought to be asking yourself about yourself."
Is Your Opinion Supporting Misinformation or Disinformation?
By Guido | |
You check the ingredient label on your grocery items, you check expiry dates on food, you check the label on your prescriptions, and whether you believe in vaccines or not you are also checking what’s in them regardless of which side of the argument you reside on. You do all that checking because it matters to you what you’re putting inside your body. Shouldn’t it also matter what you’re putting inside your head?
Experience Over Youth
By Guido | |
If your boss gets you a box of tools and you don’t use it and fail, you’re going to have a different conversation than if you did use it and failed.
HABS vs LEAFS 2021: History Always Matters
By Guido | |
If I was going with overall talent consistency this season, I’d take the Leafs in 5. If I was going with passion and history (and yes, history matters), I’d take the Canadiens in 7.
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