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How To Make Authentic Homemade Stretchy Tortilla Shells
By Guido | |
Make your own authentic, stretchy, tortilla soft shells in less than 30 minutes for less money and calories. Plus, you'll know exactly what went into them!
Do Others See Your Proven Assertiveness Or A Miserable Bully?
By Guido | |
Your ability to determine if you’re being assertive or a bully may lay in understanding that expressing oneself is an output of both, while acknowledging the difference in your motivations, approach, and consequences.
How To Know If You’re Flirting With Entitlement?
By Guido | |
Statistics demonstrate a rising trend in entitlement that is believed to be influenced by factors including societal values, cultural values, and rising individualism.
How to Be Nicer: A Guide to Kindness
By Guido | |
Being nice is not just about making others feel good - it also has profound effects on our own well-being. There are practical ways to be nicer and spread kindness in our daily lives as well as understand the benefits...
How To Add A Skill To Your Amazon Alexa
By Guido | |
This article will provide you with the steps to install an Alexa Skill and then use it, using The Path Radio Mix radio station as an example.
How To Add A Site To Your Home Screen
By Guido | |
These 4 easy steps are going to show you how to add a site to your phone home screen using an Apple iPhone.
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