Forced Inequity of Remote Education
By Guido | |
"At the core of all school decisions has been the best interest of the students. The output of those decisions simply has not lived up to the capabilities."
When & How Leaders Lose Trust and Credibility
By Guido | |
"A written statement walking back the earlier comments just doesn’t have the same impact as a live announcement. "
Freedom of Expression and The Impact of COVID-19
By Guido | |
The reasons for this may range from a variety of social behaviours, some more serious than others, and beyond the scope of this reflection. What is within its scope in summary, is consideration for factual information from the medical and scientific community, supported by real-life experiences.
The Next Threat: Who Blames Who?
By Guido | |
The pandemic is a great modern example for how blame has become engrained in the fabric of our society as humanity emerges from possibly an even greater threat, which at its core is the self-consequence of blame – the compromising of responsibility.
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