How To Make Authentic Homemade Stretchy Tortilla Shells
By Guido | |
Make your own authentic, stretchy, tortilla soft shells in less than 30 minutes for less money and calories. Plus, you'll know exactly what went into them!
Get Good At How To BBQ Fantastic Juicy Chicken Breast
By Guido | |
If you love grilled chicken, you might be wondering how to cook boneless chicken breast on a BBQ so that it is juicy and tender. One of the secrets to juicy grilled chicken breast is to use a marinade.
Know How To Pick, Marinate, and BBQ An Epic Steak
By Guido | |
A marinade that I’ve used on different cuts of steak that gives you a tender texture, tons of flavour, and that you can cook to your perfect level, every time.
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