Twitter: A Bird in The House?
By Guido | |
"While leadership pundits may celebrate disruptive behaviour as a think outside the box success, there’s room to wonder if Musk is the bird in the house"
What Is It & Why Do You Want VPN?
By Guido | |
"If you are on the internet in any way, you’ll want to learn more about why you might want to use a VPN service and what you should look for."
Identifying Fake E-mail & Phishing
By Guido | |
It has gotten more difficult to identify those phony e-mails as the hackers have matured their creativity and leveraged new technologies to engage you.
The Modern-Day Dead Poets Society: Technology & Process Delivered Good, Fast, Cheap
By Guido | |
The birth of a new technology or methodology doesn’t have to mean the death of another. There’s enough room and value proposition that makes them each viable beyond co-existence, and quite possibly even complimenting each other in a way they’ve never been before.
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