How Do You Know If You’ve Been Finkelsteined?
By Guido | |
What is the Finkelstein Method and how do you know if you've been Finkelsteined or if it is it being used on you today without you even knowing it!?
Ontario’s Leaders: The PC Party
By Dante Palermo | |
"Ford’s effort lacked sincerity, substance, and absence even when there was presence."
Ontario’s Leaders: The NDP Party
By Dante Palermo | |
"What we need to do to fulfill a lot of the opportunities that we talked about tonight, all of that starts with defeating Doug Ford’s government."
Ontario’s Leaders: The Liberal Party
By Dante Palermo | |
"This is a different Steven Del Duca than 2018 and could surprise on election day to become the next Premier of Ontario. "
Ontario’s Leaders: The Green Party
By Dante Palermo | |
"If the debate was the measuring stick that determined the next Premier, Mike Schreiner would be your winner."
Which Political Leader Has More Fake Followers?
By Dante Palermo | |
"For as much as is made of social media being social, it can sometimes feel like you’re in a crowded room, talking to yourself."
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