Welcome to Season 1 of The Coach's Call Podcast, a YouTube based show, focused on delivering fun, knowledgable, and relatable fan perspective sports content in short and focused segments. 

Season 1, EPISODE 11

A look at the Toronto Maple Leafs and comparing the 2021-22 stats to the 2022-23 stats, especially October, November, and December. You might be surprised or maybe you won't!!! Are they a playoff ready team? Is something different this season? 

Season 1, EPISODE 10

Salme Dahlstrom joins me from New York to give her alt-pop-rock take on the New York Rangers, Coach Gallant, Season Insights, Playoff Possibilities and more. Plus is the Carey Price Gun thing even news in New York? Does Coach Gerard Gallant call us in the middle of our chat? She's Outrageous and Contagious on The Coach's Call and on salmedahlstrom.com. You can also hear my music interview with her on themonthlysocial.com!

Season 1, EPISODE 9

Mitch Marner set a new franchise record for continuous game points at 19. A few months ago, he was also the same Mitch Marner who had gone scoreless in 18 playoff games and fans and media were all over him. Now he's a few points away from passing Tim Horton's on the all-time points list. He'll do that this season, but the comparisons to Borje Salming's 1099 games and points is premature. Relax 416.

Season 1, EPISODE 8

Canada lost 1-0 to Belgium, but played far better than may have been expected. They certainly surprised Belgium, maybe even set the stage for Croatia and Morocco. The Ref had some questionable calls, even a questionable past having been suspended for perceived bias... is it real? Should Canada have won? Did they beat themselves?

Season 1, EPISODE 7

The Formula 1 season came to an end with Ferrari and Charles LeClerc securing 2nd place in the driver and constructor's championship, but a lot of whining plagues the driver pool in Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel retires and finishes with 1 point in the final race, but could he have had more and could he have secured $12 million for Aston Martin, but decided not to? The CFL put on an entertaining 109 Grey Cup as the Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Bluebombers went back and forth. If you've never watched a CFL game, this would make you reconsider it.

Season 1, EPISODE 6

On Saturday November 19 the Toronto Maple Leafs played the Buffalo Sabres. One of the plays went to video replay to determine a goal after the net had gone off the posts and following that, the puck crossed the goal. In this episode I talk about why the NHL Video War Room got it wrong when we look at Rule 63.6.

Season 1, EPISODE 5

We've been hearing this line for a long time, "Show Me A Good Goalie & I'll Show You A Good Coach," but it no longer applies to today's games. When we look at the Montreal Canadiens and compare them to the Los Angeles Kings, neither has good goal tending, but the Kings are 4th overall, but the HABS have better goaltending.

Season 1, EPISODE 4

A look at all the off-ice, off-court, off-field noise that has been dominating sports talk around the major and other leagues. A look at Kyrie Irving, Mitchell Miller, Salary, Hockey Canada, Personal Life stories, and what it means to the every day fan!

Season 1, EPISODE 3

The Toronto Maple Leafs brought in 2 new goalies at the start of the season. 15 games in and they have 2 more new goalies. They're far from the 2nd most favourited team to win the Stanley Cup. Is it time to fire Shanahan, Dubas, and Keefe?

Season 1, EPISODE 2

I had a gut feeling that Kirby Dach would have a great season with the Montreal Canadiens and he is and not in the way that maybe management and fans expected.

Season 1, EPISODE 1

The Montreal Canadiens Rem Pitlick clears waivers. Some fans aren't happy about him being waived in the first place. They'd rather see Hoffman, Drouin, or Dadonov go, but I talk about why it happened and why those guys didn't get waived.

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