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Season 2, EPISODE 1

The Montréal Canadiens are exactly where they should be right now on January 1st, 2023, and some HABS fans are making a big mistake in wishing what they're wishing. Plus, players like Drouin, Hoffman, Armia, and others need to get ice time and I explain why, along with is Martin St Louis capable of doing something different with players like Josh Anderson?


Season 2, EPISODE 2

The Montréal Canadiens celebrated PK Subban on January 12, 2023 at The Bell Centre in Montreal. PK Subban was traded for Shea Weber to Nashville and so the ceremony took place against the Nashville Predators. He was all class at the ceremony as he reminded everyone why he was and is so beloved in Montreal and at the same time, why he was traded by a management team who couldn't handle his level of creativity and being different. Plus, Carey Price shows up!

Season 2, EPISODE 3

Brian and Clark from the It's Not The Ref Series join the show to talk about LGBTQ night in the NHL and the controversy around Philadelphia Flyers' Ivan Provorov's decision to sit out the pre-game warm-up citing religious reasons. Was Provorov right or wrong? Was the NHL right or wrong? Do these events belong in sports? Is this about money in the NHL? Is the media to blame? The panel goes post to post on the call!

Season 2, EPISODE 4

Super Bowl 57 is in the books and social media is buzzing about three things: 1. The bad field conditions 2. Rihanna's half time show appearance and performance and 3. The Penalty they say handed the Chiefs the victory. I cover all three of these in this episode and you may not agree with anything I have to say!

Season 2, EPISODE 5

A quick look at Jonathan Drouin of the Montreal Canadiens and why this pending UFA (unrestricted free agent) can continue to play in the NHL and bring something back in a trade.

Season 2, EPISODE 6

A look at Inclusion, Respect, Acceptance and the NHL as they host special event evenings that sometimes put them at odds with player's personal beliefs. Is someone right or wrong? Is the fallout justified.

Season 2, EPISODE 7

I revisit Jonathan Drouin after being benched by Martin St. Louis for being late for a team meeting. I compare his stats this season and look at who is behind him in #s, the perception versus reality, and what should the Montreal Canadiens do when it comes to Drouin next season.

Season 2, EPISODE 8

Exploring the final match of Wrestlemania 39 between Roman Reigns & Cody Rhodes. Did the WWE fail to deliver or did they do what the WWE does? A lot of angry fans at the results of this match. Did the WWE leave the steak on the barbecue too long? Was CM Punk right?

Season 2, EPISODE 9

I talk about a few ugly things that happened in game one between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning in Round 1, Game 1 of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I explore what got the Toronto Maple Leafs in trouble, looking at Michael Bunting and Sheldon Keefe. What Sheldon Keefe should have done that he didn't? Does Keefe's ego get the Leafs in trouble? Should Bunting get suspended.Is this a four game sweep? What's do the Tampa Bay Lightning have to concern themselves about? How about the Leaf's goaltending? Christ Cuthbert's evident sadness and making excuses for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Season 2, EPISODE 10

Game 2 is in the books and the Toronto Maple Leafs came back huge against the Tampa Bay Lightning. I talk about the 5 things they did that resulted in that victory. One of those things has to do with the value of Cernak for Tampa compared to the value of Bunting for Toronto!.

Season 2, EPISODE 11

The Electro-Pop Queen Salme Dahlstrom gives us her New York take on what's going on with the New York Rangers against the New Jersey Devils, A view from Centre Ice at Madison Square Garden, Her thoughts on the reffing calls, predictions on first round outcomes, and more! Plus, we talk about her new album, "Fabulous" and new single, "As Guilty As A Girl Can Be".

Season 2, EPISODE 12

A look at Game 4 between the Toronto Maple Leafs & Tampa Bay Lightning and whether The Maple Leafs deserved to win that game statistically. Also, a look at What Sheldon Keefe and Jon Cooper do next, the value of Cernak vs. Bunting to each team, and is there something wrong with Victor Herman? Plus, why do I think the Leafs are actually winning and does it matter that they've been up 3-1 in the past, or is it just a HABS fans view of living in the past? Will the Leafs choke in the next game?.

Season 2, EPISODE 13

A look at the highs and lows for Toronto Maple Leaf fans and why they beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games. Plus, what's to come in round 2 and how do they handle it. Then a special video package accompanied by the song "Invincible" from 6x Billboard artist, Franklin Mckay.


A tribute video for the Toronto Maple Leafs celebrating their round 1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning as they prepare to be invincible against the Florida Panthers.

Season 2, EPISODE 14

A look at Game 4 and forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Florida Panthers. What are the 2 things that need to happen for them to win? Why is it different than against the Tampa Bay Lightning? How about the Core 4 being all forwards for the Leafs? Is everyone looking too much as what Toronto hasn't done instead of what the Florida Panthers have done? Plus, did the Chicago Blackhawks deserve to win the NHL Draft Lottery? Was it rigged or setup? How about transparency?


The Toronto Maple Leafs managed to pull out a win in game 4, and now trail the series 3 games to 1 against the Florida Panthers. I take a look at the 4 things they did to win and now the question is can those things happen in game 5?

Season 2, EPISODE 16

A look at the NHL suspensions of Alex Pietrangelo and Darnell Nurse and how the NHL has gotten these wrong in terms of comparing between playoffs, regular season, severity of injury. I propose an extreme change to the game that most hockey analysts, the NHL, and traditionalists will scoff at because they're not ready for the game to change or be more balanced. The ideal that because Nurse was suspended 1 game and Pietrangelo 1 game balances things out is ludicrous. Then I look at if referees should be "in-play" and if it's right that it gives the advantage to any team. I use an example from the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Florida Panthers where the ref gets an assist on a Leafs goal.


The cast from from 4 Fans Talk Sports & It's Not The Ref get together to look at: 1. How bad is the NHL Reffing gotten? How come it is so inconsistent from game to game? Guido & Roland push the reffing boundaries and go head to head with Brian and Clark who have more love for the stripes. They look at the Toronto Maple Leafs, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and other examples. 2. The reffing segment segues into talk about NHL and their suspension interpretations along with their video review war room. Guido gets into fantasy hockey comparisons and not knowing what to expect, but does everyone on the panel agree? 3. What do the Toronto Maple Leafs do next? Is Matthews worth being paid the highest salary in the NHL? Do they trade Marner or Nylander? Is Tavares too old? What's up with Dubas and is he pulling a leverage card? Brian calls out Guido on the family card when it comes to Dubas, but is there bias at play? There is a valid, quality answer on the next steps, but will all Leaf fans agree?

Season 2, EPISODE 18

A look at the NHL's situation with the Arizona Coyotes and their recent failure with the Tempe vote. What are the financial motivations versus the fan support between Arizona and other locations like Houston, Atlanta, or Quebec. Are the Coyotes going to play in Arizona still or will they move? A look at other attendance records like Winnipeg and what that could mean in terms of Canada's hopes for more teams, and even keeping Winnipeg in place. Then we look at the unexpected final four in the 2023 Stanley Cup finals being the Dallas Stars, Vegas Golden Knights, Carolina Hurricanes, and Florida Panthers. We make a call on who wins next and why. Plus we brush the topic off should Auston Matthews be the highest paid player? We throw in a little mix of player contracts, team effort, and more.


A quick look at Brad Treliving as the new General Manager for the Toronto Maple Leafs, what Brendan Shanahan's role is in all of this and why he puts a GM in place, and why Treliving might keep Sheldon Keefe around. Sprinkle in a little Kyle Dubas and I hope you enjoy the quick take. Thanks for listening and hope you get a chance to subscribe!

Season 2, EPISODE 20

A look at what the top 10 common fan reasons are on social media that the 2023 NHL Playoffs are the lowest since 2007. Are folks ready to blame the final between the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers, the ousting of the Toronto Maple Leafs or Boston Bruins as reasons? I take you through the 10 most popular reasons that fans are dropping on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. The top ten span from reasons of talent, money, conspiracy, rules, regulations, policies, gambling, technology, and more. Do you agree?


A look at Mike Babcock resigning as coach of the NHL's Columbus Bluejackets and the senseless sensationalism around his team building exercise that some sports personalities chose to focus on. Was Mike's attempt at team-building simply a culture miss across multiple generations of hockey players and how does this impact the game of hockey overall when it comes to coaches, culture, and leadership? Surely, this isn't how I wanted to kick off the next episode after the summer break with so many great stories to cover on the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Ferrari & Carlos Sainz, and the Blue Jays, but how could I not?! Segment mentioned about Generation Z can be found on themonthlysocial.com!

Season 2, EPISODE 22

A look at why the Toronto Blue Jays lost two straight to the Minnesota Twins to get ousted from the 2023 MLB playoffs. Is it management's fault? Does Shapiro or Atkins get blamed? Should Schneider have pulled Berrios? Did Elon Musk have a premonition about the Blue Jays when he changed the Twitter bird to an X?? All this and more on this short episode on What Really Happened with the Blue Jays!

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