Welcome to Season 3 of The Coach's Call Podcast, a YouTube based show, focused on delivering fun, knowledgable, and relatable fan perspective sports content in short and focused segments. 

Season 3, EPISODE 1

What's Wrong With The Toronto Maple Leafs Since Game 1 & What Big Network Analysts Ignored Until Now, A Reference Back to Oct 12, 2023?


Season 3, EPISODE 2

A look at the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble and the rise of Cody Rhodes before The Final Boss shows up!? 

Season 3, EPISODE 3

I look at the Brendan Gallagher suspension and what exactly are the Montreal Canadiens doing with Arber Xhekaj as he gets called up and is then a healthy scratch two games after. I've been a fan of Marty St. Louis to date, but I'm worried about how they're handling The Sheriff.

Season 3, EPISODE 4

A look at the current WWE controversy as Hollywood star and former World Wrestling Entertainment Champion Dwayne The Rock Johnson takes the place of Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania. After the segment on SmackDown (Friday February 2nd) the internet has been in an uproar with #WeWantCody trending alongside Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, and Triple H.

Season 3, EPISODE 5

My take on the Lewis Hamilton move to Ferrari for the 2025 season and the integrity of the 2024 season with this early announcement. Plus, what about Carlos Sainz? How will Ferrari fans deal with cheering on Lewis Hamilton knowing if he wins, he beats Michael Schumacher's World Record? So many questions going into this season. What are you thoughts if you're a Ferrari fan? What if you're a Mercedes fan... will you follow Lewis?e.

Season 2, EPISODE 6

A post Las Vegas Road To Wrestlemania Press Event reaction. Did the WWE recover from fan outrage and not letting Cody Rhodes finish the story? They may have saved it. I don't think this is what they had in mind, but the next two months are going to be interesting. What about Seth Freakin' Rollins!?.

Season 3, EPISODE 8

In this episode of The Coach's Call, I talk about the cross-check to the face of Ridly Gerig of the Ottawa Senators by Morgan Rielly of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I look at the poor behaviour of the SportsNet panel, at the Turgeon/Hunter incident, Scheifele/Evans hits by comparison, the select fan base ignorance and zero substance arguments for supporting "the code" by relying on knuckle dragging behaviour, and then what should the suspension be vs what I think it will be..

Season 3, EPISODE 9

The Toronto Maple Leafs Morgan Rielly's suspension has been handed down for cross-checking the Ottawa Senators Ridly Greig and NHL Player Safety has got it all wrong! Precedent was set a long time ago for these types of events and the league has gone backwards. I cover the suspension and what it means for the real future of player safety in the NHL, while looking at shameful player comments and network lobbying.

Season 3, EPISODE 10

A brief look at WrestleMania 40 and what you do as a fan moving forward. Plus a look at the changing of the championships, how many and who

Season 3, EPISODE 11

I take a look at another losing playoff season for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the core 4 with a focus on the losing culture. Will the Leafs do something stupid and trade away players in the heat of the moment? The Toronto Sports Media need to share the blame for the culture and maybe the answer is to bring in a coach that puts the media on notice, like John Tortorella?

Season 3, EPISODE 12

A look at the double hit on the Edmonton Oiler's Connor McDavid from the Vancouver Canuck's Nikita Zadorov and more importantly Carson Soucy's cross check to McDavid's head. This is a suspension, no doubt, but how much will the NHL dish out? How much are they willing to dish out? Or, will the NHL apply its flawed Playoff logic to this all? Plus a look back at what has anyone learned from the Toronto Maple Leaf's Morgan Rielly Hit on the Ottawa Senators Ridly Greig. Then I close out with the 3 things every NHL fan has in common when it comes to the team they cheer for!

Season 3, EPISODE 13

A look at the Edmonton Oilers & Florida Panthers Game 2, specifically: 1. The Knee on Knee hit 2 Draisaitl Elbow on Barkov 3. Delay of Game And some content around how the Oilers are playing outside of their element from a physicality perspective, some bad ref calls, and expectations for the teams we cheer for.

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