A unique audio experience that aims to have something for everyone.

- Guido

The radio station is a free streaming music and audio experience. It streams content twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The schedule provides a unique daily variety aimed at reducing daily repetitive content. 


The Path Radio also provides a launchpad for your local weather, news, sports, and more, all in one place. New features are always being added.


You can also read about featured artists on The Path Radio Blog where insights and opinions come together to give you a more personal connection with the content.


Click on the Listen Now button to get started with The Path Radio Mix Online: (http://thepathradio.com).


If you are an independent artist who would like to submit a song for airplay consideration, please send one through The Path Radio Mix Online Song Submission Form

Are you  interested advertising or running a spot?

Click the CONTACT ME button to inquire! 


If you're an artist wanting to submit your song, use the Song Submission Form, not the email contact button.


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