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From Passion comes Creativity. From Creativity comes Self-Awareness, Collaboration, Integrity, Leadership.

That's where i come from

"Small Towns, Big Dreams... That's where I come from, that's who I am" - (Paul Brandt)  has been my life-long mantra. A friend of mine said, "What I love about you is that you have never stopped dreaming." That dream, whatever it is, continues to manifest itself through my family, friends, and the things I love doing in my every day. If you are here reading this then you are part of my journey and I am thankful to have you along.


My dream is driven from my passion to learn, share, achieve, and teach,  while staying humble and appreciating life while living it. Life is long and I want to take advantage of every moment to be the best person I can be for myself. I want to set an example for anyone who chooses to learn, believes there is value in finding their own passion, defining their own vision, and achieving the best version of themselves. Watching and helping others achieve or surpass me in any of the things I do is one of my favourite rewards, especially if I've been able to help them along the way. 


If you would like to know more about what I do and the services I offer, please take a journey through Guido Online and also discover some of my other content like The Path Radio,  The Monthly Social Podcast, and The Coach's Call

"Hello Out There, I'm On The Air..."

- (Stompin' Tom Connors)

It was very early in my life that I would get called upon to deliver presentations or speak in public. In my quest for perfection, I was always a little nervous, but I enjoyed helping others. I still get those butterflies occasionally but as long as what I am doing contributes positively to society and the well being of others, I'll continue finding ways to fly. It can take a lot of energy and preparation when you're passionate, but it also makes it all worth while as we steal some time and make memories together. 


Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, He, Him...and "if you need a shoulder, or if you need a friend, I'll be here standin', until the bitter end..." - (GNR)


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