What would the crafts be, if they're not sincere!?

- Guido



I grew up watching my uncle and dad build our homes and camp as well as other handy things around the house. Carpentry and woodwork runs deep inside our family as relatives near and far have a hand in creating needful things. While I haven't build any homes from the foundation up, I've participated in the odd renovation project along with some close friends and family as guides. 

In 2019 I started crafting some household benches and foot stools. In 2020 I  after having some left over materials from a patio deck renovation, I started making some small wood signs that got some attention from friends and family. I decided to take it a step further and started building more finished products as I added porch signs and garden crafts to the product line.



As I started making more crafts, they gained an interest locally and abroad and people were asking me to make custom products. I decided to launch a small charity campaign where a significant % of the proceeds from sold crafts would go to local charities as a means of helping during the 2020-2021 pandemic. I have continued to maintain that program. Some of the charity benefactors include the local food bank, St. Vincent de Paul Society, McKenzie Health, and others. 


Handcrafted means that these pieces are not mass produced. Each piece of wood is carefully selected and worked by hand which includes sanding, edging, staining, lettering, graphics, building, and sealing. This process takes time, especially when customizing.



If you're interested in any of these products, please contact me  and let me know what  product you're interested in. It's helpful if you provide any specifics and please ask whatever questions you may have on your mind, so we get it right the first time.  


The current line-up of products I am creating is listed below with some additional information. A portion of all sales goes to help charitable organizations in my community while the other portion goes towards building materials. 

    • Porch Signs 5'-6' Cinnamon Stained, Welcome To Our Home Sweet Home
  • Porch Signs 5'-6' Cinnamon Stained, Welcome
  • Porch Signs 5'-6' Cinnamon Stained, Welcome To Our Home With Flower Box
  • This Is Us Picture Holder 28"x 12", Cinnamon Stained,
  • Small Fireplace Mantel Signs - Your Choice Saying
  • Garden Scene Companions - Frog, Turtle, Solar Light with Scene Scape


I generally keep the costs around the same, unless you have a lot of customization requests. 

Most standard porch signs are around $45.

Most porch signs with a flower box are around $65

Home Decor Signs can vary between $25-$65

Garden Scene Companions are between $35-$50

Under normal circumstances the prices remain fairly stable. There has been some challenge with escalated prices on wood and that can factor in the prices being slightly different than above. 


The most important thing I can tell you is that every piece of wood is different. They have different grain patterns. I am not able to control the grain pattern or other characteristics in the wood that grew there as part of the tree it came from. If you're looking for something with a uniform grain pattern, I recommend you go to a big box store and buy a pre-manufactured sign where they offer mass-produced products designed to look the same (and that's how they can also provide it at a lesser cost); I am not offended if that's what you want and its ok to want that. One of my favourite parts about hand-crafting these is being able to see the different grain designs and character each board offers. 

My goal is to produce a product that I am proud of, that you will enjoy, and that can help me raise funds for charity, knowing that I have given you a unique product while creating value in the community. 


Thank you for your considerations.

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