My photography is a hobby and a quiet passion that I selectively share in the best interest of a positive experience

- Guido
My Shuttrstock Photos


Photography has become mostly a hobby for me, although through selective referrals you might catch me doing some shoots. I've always loved capturing a story in a single still shot, but when I was younger I didn't have the means to obtain the technology I needed, nor an easy avenue to the skill I needed to use it. 

In terms of "people" photos, my favourite type of photography is what I deem "in-the-moment" or event photography as I find that is when people are at their most natural, as opposed to posed or determined shots, although I appreciate that they are part of the perceived flawless story-telling. What I've always found amazing is how photogenic we can all be when we're just living life. 

I also enjoy landmark, scene-scapes, and natural wildlife shots.

That being said, I will also accommodate traditional portraits and other more normally asked for photos, although I may try to convince you to do them in a natural back-drop.


Here are a few random samples that I uploaded from my previous FaceBook photography site. I'll update these later to include some of my other favourites as well. 


If you're interested in having me take some photos for you, send me an e-mail and let me know what you're looking for. 

My fee is typically $60 per hour and similar to my craft sales, a portion of what I do goes to a variety of charities while the rest covers off materials and expenses. You will get a digital copy of the images on disc or thumb-drive, as well as on-line access for a set period of time. 


I am selective in the referrals because I want to continue enjoying taking photos. If my partnership with you allows me to do that while delivering an experience we can both appreciate, then we'll both enjoy it that much more!

I also have some images for sale on the Shutterstock platform, so if you're interested in purchasing those, you can access those through the button link below. 


What I really like most about photography is the framing. Not the frame that goes around the photo (I'm not a fan of busy frames because I believe they take away from the photo), but instead what I determine goes into the photo at the point I am taking the actual photo. Sometimes I like taking different angles of the same scene to capture different lighting, objects, or to connect the story between the images.

While that can be harder to do with a single person in an event setting, it can be achieved for the overall event itself. 

For a while I did a lot of live photo booth photography and sometimes people would say, "Don't you have one of those machines that just auto-takes the picture"? I would always say to myself, "What's the fun in that"? Most of those machines produced tiny images and the overall quality isn't something I wanted to be part of. Having a live photographer to interact (even at a photo booth) changes the mood and makes it a more authentic overall experience, in addition to providing a higher degree of quality. I produced quality, on-site 5x7 photos. So, no... I don't have one of those little auto-taking photo booth machines and I never will.