Cole Caufield
Ice Birds Chirping In Home Opener
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The HABS late third period 4-3 surprise win left fans on both teams shaking their heads for different reasons and in different directions
HABS Roll The Dice on Expansion
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"If the HABS do lose Price ($10.5) to the draft and Weber to Long Term Injury Reserve ($7.8) and they add that to their current $14 million, that gives them $32.3 million. Surely, with or without that additional space the Canadiens are poised to make some moves.."
Warriors, Generals, Soldiers, and Heroes
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"A few days after the loss I was on a phone call with former Montreal Canadien’s Stanley Cup champion Ryan Walter as we were discussing a future leadership session and he asked me what I thought about the finals...I just really enjoyed how they made me believe they were always in it.” I paused. “Or maybe that’s just what you say after your team loses”
Time To Burn It Down
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For the Canadiens, The Torch may have been passed from failing hands, but for now, unfortunately, to failing hands.
Carey Price Can’t Score
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The only thing the HABS had going for them was Carey Price and the transition pass up ice that died on the boards or was broken up by the Leafs.
Experience Over Youth
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If your boss gets you a box of tools and you don’t use it and fail, you’re going to have a different conversation than if you did use it and failed.
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