Pay Yourself First Or Go Bankrupt
By Guido | |
So, if you don’t pay yourself first, you may find yourself consciously or unconsciously saying, “the cost is too high, the reward is too low”
If Nobody Is Listening, Does An Apple Make A Sound?
By Guido | |
It’s easy with all the different types of noise around us like traffic, fashion, finances, travel, digital devices, our new obsession with selfies, and the general scutter of life to easily take for granted what we hear when we listen
The 1989 Ice-Cream CX Experience
By Guido | |
As a fifteen-year-old with the keys to the store, the task of serving all those people seemed insurmountable... That summer, I would learn two valuable lessons."
I Think You’re Missing My Point
By Guido | |
“Do you hear me telling you that you’re not hearing me!?” It almost sounds like one of those circular conversations Lucy would have with Charlie Brown ...
Freedom of Expression and The Impact of COVID-19
By Guido | |
The reasons for this may range from a variety of social behaviours, some more serious than others, and beyond the scope of this reflection. What is within its scope in summary, is consideration for factual information from the medical and scientific community, supported by real-life experiences.
The Next Threat: Who Blames Who?
By Guido | |
The pandemic is a great modern example for how blame has become engrained in the fabric of our society as humanity emerges from possibly an even greater threat, which at its core is the self-consequence of blame – the compromising of responsibility.
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